My childhood neighbor Lily was an avid gardener, and her roses bloomed in June. Just before my 13th birthday, she placed her pruning sheers in my hands and invited me to clip these perfumed beauties. I fell in love with flowers that day, and it’s a love that I’ve nurtured ever since.

That first bouquet. That year studying abroad when I found myself arranging flowers at a housekeeping job. That special vase I purchased to give shape to my growing enchantment. Each time creating something new and exciting that grew from what came before. Flowers had become my weekly ritual, and I was hooked.

That weekly ritual became a daily one when I took a position at a company that imported flowers worldwide. My floral adoration and artistic impulses were now being nourished on a much bigger canvas, and I ran with it.

I was one of the first to source and bring spectacularly large roses from Ecuador to the US market. I designed arrangements and bouquets for supermarket chains and open houses, learning all the tricks of the trade along the way. Requests from family and friends to arrange flowers for their special events soon followed. I couldn’t resist, and leaving my corporate job behind, I took the plunge and created Melarosa Inc.

After all these years, I’m still enthralled by the beauty of flowers. And I’ve done it all from intimate gatherings at one’s home to the stage of Carnegie Hall.  But I especially love creating weddings.

Though ephemeral by nature, the best floral arrangements should feel alive and timeless.

Share with me your vision and let’s start planning something magical together.

Melanie Arden
The owner and creative director of Melarosa